VertaMax Modified 3000 Watt (6000W Surge) 12V Power Inverter DC to 115 AC Car, Solar, Off-Grid, RV, Back Up Power

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The WindyNation VertaMax 3000W Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter provides household power on the go! It converts 12 volt battery power to 115 V AC household power, allowing you to power up office equipment and household appliances from your vehicle or any 12 volt battery. This unit is ideal for appliances such as microwave ovens, coffeemakers, laptops, TV sets, video games, CD players, DVD players, cellular phone chargers and much more!
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3.0 out of 5 stars Not great but does what it's supposed to do, August 11, 2017
Papo (Loxahatchee, FL) - See all my reviews
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I’m currently using this VertaMax 1500 Watt with four solar batteries powering my TV, DVR, Telephone, router and modem. Just hooked it up so I’m still evaluating it. Installation is really straight forward; connect the battery cables, hook up a load to either one of its three 120 volts outlets (each outlet has an individual on/off switch) and then turn the main switch on the inverter to the on position. That’s really all it took to get it going and so far all devices on the load side are working fine.

I could’ve given a four star review if it weren’t for two reasons; as I mentioned above, each of the 120 volts outlets have individual on/off switches, but neither switch is marked to indicate which way it should be pushed to turn it on or off. One has to play with the switch to find its on or off position. However, its biggest issue is with the fan, which though it's supposed to be thermally actuated, it turns on and off intermittently with a loud humming sound. It does this... Read more

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2.0 out of 5 stars Total Disappointment after plugging into wall., July 11, 2017
Casey F in SF (San Francisco, California USA) - See all my reviews
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This inverter was a total disappointment. I had been looking forward to getting this inverter for a while to upgrade from 1,100 watts to 1,500 watts. Plus with the name brand and associated with Windy Nation I thought it would be something I could use a long time... but I was wrong.
Pros: Nice faceplate layout , and looks great.
Cons: Kept a higher load on battery in no load application causing battery drain that set off alarms. .
The worst problem it has is the fan.... The fan is suppose to be a Thermally activated one, so it's suppose to come on when hot, then turn off when cooled.
The problem is it doesn't work that way.
Once it reaches a temp that causes fan to come on it begins a timed cycling program of sorts, and every couple of minutes it comes on loud and stats on for maybe 30 seconds or so, then goes off... then back on a few minutes later.
My old inverter never did that.... so I'm sending this one back and trying a different brand...

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, December 2, 2017
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This review is from: VertaMax Modified 3000 Watt (6000W Surge) 12V Power Inverter DC to 115 AC Car, Solar, Off-Grid, RV, Back Up Power (Electronics)
perfect for my needs, thanks !

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